DISCOVER IZU #5:鯉のぼり / Koinobori Carp decoration

Koinobori 5月になりました。
暖かい日が増え、サイクリングをするのに気持ちのいい温度と天気です。 時期に古くからこの鯉のぼりをあげる習慣があり、伊豆地域にまだ多くの場所で見ることができます。子どもの成長を祈る親心を感じますね。

From late April to early May, giant ornaments depicting carp floating in the sky can be seen all over Japan.
The tradition is very old. Originally in Japan, when a male child of a shogun warrior leader was born, there was a custom of celebrating by placing flags with family crests and various banners outside the houses. Before long, this custom spread to samurai families and then to common people.
At one time, the decoration was only black, but nowadays one can see different colours. Here are the most commonly used colours:
Black: the father
Red: the mother
Blue: the eldest son
Green: the second son
Pink or orange: the eldest daughter, etc.
Now carp are displayed even if no new children are born, but it represents the affection of parents for their boys and girls.